James Stuart-Wigley (Master)


I've been exploring yoga since childhood. 


I practice and teach daily and like to promote yoga in a fun and accessible way to everyone, regardless of ability and background. 


Prizes and games and certificates are often given out in the sessions too! = fun!

Together with Cae, I offer Partner yoga sessions too, as and when required, a fun and interesting way where we facilitate groups yoga'n along with the support and encouragement of one another

Cae Ellison


Cae Ellison is a fully qualified yoga teacher registered with The Yoga Alliance. Her friendly, warm, encouraging and open approach to teaching yoga makes it accessible to all levels of students and to people with a wide variety of different interests and backgrounds.


Having taught and led groups of surfers, climbers, dancers etc... Cae will help you discover how yoga can help develop your body and mind to enhance your sport, hobbies and other aspects of your life.