Yoga has helped me in all aspects of my well being, mind body and soul. I have used yoga to improve my profession and I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks for all your help James

Mark Dudbridge - Pro Dart player

After only a few sessions of yoga I feel completely rejuvenated! It has helped me develop techniques that I can use everyday to help deal with my daily stresses and general well-being. I would highly recommend James as a yoga instructor-his welcoming approach makes you feel at ease whatever your ability. I'm now a yogi!

See you next week

Emily Corry

After having surgery on my chest, back and arm due to breast cancer I was told to take up light exercise as my body had been through alot of trauma and I needed to be gentle with myself.  

I decided to take up yoga due to its many health benefits, for me attending James' classes gave me a sense of well being and I learnt controlled breathing exercises that helped me manage my anxiety.  Now I just accept whatever comes my way instead of worrying about it.  I was taught postures that would help me gain more strength in my damaged side of my body.  I am no longer so fatigued during the day and now I am able to sleep much better.

Take care

Kath x


Hi James,


I really enjoyed your class last night and thank you for quickly adapting your sessions to suit the ‘Baltic’ conditions!


I had the best night sleep last night and I’m putting it down to your class. I felt totally chilled and awoke at 5am felling like I have 10 hours sleep, ‘amazing’.


Definitely coming back!     


Ben Lee

SBL Sports Development / Centre Manager

For those who seek to escape stress, to find peace and tranquillity, you will experience a wonderful release from the tensions of everyday modern living … you will get an opportunity to have a taste of several different flavours of Yoga! James manages to find a perfect balance for all levels of experience and adapts his approach to meet people’s many different motives for practicing Yoga … you leave his class with awareness, feeling calm and with a smile. Thank you James for 6 years of your unique, wonderful classes.



Due to years re-occurring back issues and repeated trips to every kind of osteopath, chiropractors and physios (costing a fortune) i decided that i had to take matters into my own hands and get my body alignment sorted and muscle quality improved as every time i was excising (running , circuit training etc) my back and or neck would suffer days later. 

However, due to work commitments and family life my time to take on an additional recreational exercise was and is very limited. After a bit of research i decided that Yoga may help as once learned it could be possible to to very short 15 minute daily routine which would help my alignment and stretch the muscles.

I contacted James who agreed to start me off with some 1 to 1 tuition to help get me on the right track. I was a complete novice to yoga before my first session with James and i have to say within a coupe of sessions i was able to concentrate on synchronizing the breath while completing the sun salutations and 15 min short form on my own on a daily basis. 

From the introduction to yoga and where i am now with my muscle quality, body alignment and overall health is quite a dramatic improvement and i am now able to take on other exercises (running , cycling etc) without the fear of my back and or neck suffering muscle spasm in the days after.  


The most important thing is that i always find time to do at least 15 / 20 mins of yoga every day in fact i cant go without it now!! and its just the beginning of my yoga learning / journey!!


Giulio Ponsillo